Terms Of Use

Understanding the Terminology

  • Agreement refers to the Terms & Conditions in this document.
  • The business is www.globalwritingsolutions.co.uk a company that offers academic writing services.
  • The Customer- is any person who submits Orders to the Company and abides by the stated Terms and Conditions.
  • Messaging System: The program that enables communication between a customer and a writer or member of the support team.
  • Order the work that the customer assigns to the company, together with specific specifications and instructions such as the sources to be utilized and the due date.
  • Product: This is the non-plagiarized electronic document that the writer provided to the client at the customer’s request.
  • Product revision is a request by the client to modify the product if they are dissatisfied, however, the adjustments must stay within their original request.
  • Support Staff: Members of the company’s staff who ensure that the order process runs smoothly.
  • Writer: An employee of the business who performs writing services for the client in accordance with the terms of the company agreement.
  • The phrase “personal credit balance” refers to the customer’s company-established account. In accordance with the customer’s choice, it saves the credits and balances used to finance the orders.
  • The phrase “Affiliate Program” refers to specific initiatives launched by the business to target its current clientele.

Placing Orders and Registration


  • By completing the order form on the company’s website, the customer may make an order. As an alternative, the Support Team may help the Customer.
  • The Order form outlines the delivery conditions, the range of the task, and the Order specifications. If the Company’s Support Staff will be filling out the Order form on the Customer’s behalf, it is the Customer’s obligation to supply complete information in the Order form.
  • The customer is required to create a profile with the company and provide details such their name, email address, home country, and phone number. Whenever any parameters change, it is the Customer’s obligation to update his or her profile and alert the support staff.
  • The Client is not permitted to create more than one account with several aliases. He or she is required to consistently employ the profile that made the first Order. The Company maintains the right to consolidate numerous accounts belonging to a single customer if it comes to light. This will update the history.

Order Settlement

  • The price of the Product is determined by the Company’s pricing, and it must be paid beforehand. Only once the payment for the Product has been paid and approved does the Business begin to handle the Order.
  • When asked, the Customer may provide installment payments under the following conditions:
  • The Order’s cost should be £ 500 or more.
  • Immediately after the Client receiving the first payment link, the first installment of the payment should be made.

* Company representatives maintain the right to reject a customer’s request to divide the payment if doing so could jeopardize the effective completion of the Order.

* The business retains the right to temporarily halt Order fulfillment if the installments are not given within a certain period until the outstanding amount is paid.

  • Payment for orders may be made using a credit card, a wire transfer (which might take three to fourteen business days), or a personal credit balance.

The customer should check the balance on their card online if the transaction is unsuccessful. Before calling the support staff for help, check the card’s expiration date and purchasing limits.



  • The company works hard to provide each customer equity in promotional and loyalty program discounts.
  • The discount codes are only valid for orders totaling at least £45.
  • Only when the customer enters the discount code in the Order form’s “Discount Code” section will the discount be applied.
  • It is only possible to utilize the “First-Time Discount” once.
  • Discounts cannot be used concurrently with other offers; they may only be utilized one at a time.

Personal Credit Balance of the Client


  • On the company’s website, there is a payment option called Personal Credit Balance.
  • Funds are added by the Client, information is saved, and the money may later be used to future Orders.
  • Credits are worth £
  • The money may only be moved to the customer’s credit balance with their approval; after that, it cannot be refunded and can only be used to new orders.

Order Procedure


  • Order verification The Company retains the right to review the Order details again after payment to ensure that the information entered manually by the client matches the specifications entered the Order form. Whenever there is a discrepancy, the support staff will get in touch with the client to clarify.
  • Volume of orders. The Order volume is only measured in words in accordance with the Company’s guidelines. 550 words for a page that is single-spaced, and 275 words for a page that is double-spaced.
  • Details of the Change of Order. The client is free to alter the scope of the project, but they must first get in touch with the support staff. Nonetheless, the client could need to make an extra payment if the adjustments have an impact on the urgency, complexity, or volume.
  • The Resources. If a particular source is needed to complete the job, the Client is required to upload it at the time the Order is placed. The Order could need more time to be completed if the Client supplies the source(s) beyond the deadline.
  • The top right of each Order page, under the heading “Customer’s Personal Account,” is where the Customer may send the Writer a message. Similar to email, the messaging system is safer for users to maintain conversation inside the website. The customer may use online chat, phone, or email to get in touch with the support team.
  • Progress monitoring. Once the customer visits their own account, they may follow their Order. Also, via the aforementioned channels, the Client may get in touch with the Writer.
  • Request delivery. An Order that the Customer has requested is to be delivered by the Business. The Support Team will get in touch with the Client requesting more time if more time is needed to execute an Order. The difficulty of the work can be to blame for the delay. The completed Order must be downloaded promptly by the Customer; the Company will not be held liable for any technological difficulties on the Customer’s end that could delay download.

Order Replacement


  • If a legitimate revision request is made within 14 days after order delivery, the customer won’t be charged. The customer will be required to pay an extra cost beyond this time frame.
  • A revision request may be made by the customer using the “Feedback” form or the “Any Improvements Requested” section of their personal account.
  • A free revision is only considered appropriate if the revision instructions line up with the original standards. The Company maintains the right to demand extra costs to conduct the Revision if there is a discrepancy.
  • The original deadline listed on the Order form cannot be lowered for the Revision.

Using the Product

  • The Products supplied by www.globalwritingsolutions.co.uk to Customers are not to be utilized by the Customers as their own original work; rather, they should be used as examples or as a source of information.
  • The Firm complies with copyright rules to the letter. If a consumer breaches the company’s terms and conditions, they are accountable for any actions they take that are improper.

Partner Program

  • Registered users have access to the Company’s Affiliate Program, which enables them to get Credits for each person they (the customer) direct to the website. In the personal account, there is further information on the Affiliate Program.

Additional Provisions

  • This Agreement contains a complete description of the Terms and Conditions that specify the obligations and rights of the Client and the Business. All representations, promises, and inducements included in this agreement alone are to be regarded as true and legally binding. Any earlier oral or written agreements between the parties are nullified upon acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • Should any portion of the contract be in contradiction with any state legislation, the Customer agrees that the other provisions will still be valid. As there won’t be any parts of the Agreement that are invalid, the Customers’ rights and obligations will still be in effect.
  • The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, the state in which the Company is incorporated and does its major business.

Security and Privacy

The privacy of our clients is extremely important to us. In providing our services, we take every precaution to secure your personal information.


Everyone who visits our website has a right to know what information is collected, how it is stored, and how it is used by us.

You may be confident that we only gather such data for operational, performance evaluation, and other business-related objectives.


  • The Firm employs a secure online payment method to ensure data security. The Business in no manner keeps the billing information of the Client. Consumers are admonished to keep their billing information private, even with company employees.
  • The Business never discloses or sells the information it collects to a third party.
  • The information is solely utilized to: Offer service in accordance with the needs of the Client.
  • Reply to any questions, requests, or concerns.
  • Personalize the Service’s content and/or design.
  • Inform Consumers of Important Changes and Service Modifications

The Company will contact the Customer by phone or email to assure Order delivery once the Order is in process. Except as necessary or authorized by law, the Company will not divulge or sell the Customer’s information without that Customer’s consent for instance, obeying a subpoena.

  • Information that the Company’s freelancers have access to directly is not the responsibility of the Company. The Company has no control over it and cannot guarantee its dissemination in the future.
  • The data that the customer shares with the company is kept on secure servers. The customer must be careful to keep his login information private.

Personal Data We May Gather Via Our Site

We gather the following details that are crucial for providing our services when you contact us or visit our website:

  • A name; an email address; a phone number; other facts pertaining to an order’s specifics;

This information is given to us voluntarily; refusal to do so would prohibit users from receiving the goods or services they need and from having the chance to be contacted when necessary.

Situations Where We Request Personal Data

In the following situations, we need personal information from you:


  • We will ask you to set up a password-protected account on our website using your name, email address, and phone number when you buy goods or services from us.
  • We could also inquire about your academic standing, any further coursework, and the specifics of any research or writing services you want when you buy goods or services from us. Having this knowledge is crucial when selecting the finest professional to meet your needs.
  • We will need your name and email address if you decide to subscribe to our discounts or new offers.
  • We will require your name and email address when you want to sign up for our newsletters and notifications.
  • We will ask for your name and email address when you participate in additional interactions, such as surveys, contests, or providing feedback on our goods or services.

You freely supply this personal information, and it is used exclusively for the objectives.

Information We Indirectly Gather

  • We maintain and archive a record of our correspondence with you to fairly address any concerns that may later surface.
  • We make use of cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to keep track of visitors’ visits, site use, and browsing patterns.
  • While they are not used to gather any personally identifiable information, cookies and web beacons help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our site.

What We Do With Your Personal Data

The most secure method of data storage is used to keep your information in our system. The information is used as follows:

  • Your information will only be used for the aforementioned objectives.
  • The information that was disclosed to be used for contacting purposes is only used to contact you as necessary by phone, email, or text message.
  • We do keep track of the goods and services you’ve bought so we may get in touch with you about similar or new goods and services we think you’ll like.
  • Moreover, for the purpose of website analysis, we also gather and retain data through cookies, web beacons, and other technological tools.

Communication with You: How and Why

In the following situations, we get in touch with you:

  • We contact you to confirm any orders you’ve placed.
  • We get in touch with you to let you know how your order is coming along or to ask for further details if they are required to finish your project.
  • We get in touch with you to provide you offers, news, alerts, and other things we think you’ll find valuable or interesting.
  • We will address any of your questions, problems, worries, or complaints.

Via phone, email, or text messaging, we connect with you.


What We Do With Data Analytics Tools

We employ analytics technologies to gather anonymous and aggregate data on how people use our site, such as the number of visitors, how long they stay, how they navigate, etc.

No one who visits our website or app has their personal information collected by analytics technologies.

We keep permanent cookies in users’ browsers, allowing us to track repeat visits and personalize their experiences. Using the options on your browser, you may choose not to utilize cookies.

Using Our Site to Visit Other Websites

You may choose to connect to websites operated by other parties from our website, but you should be aware of the following:

  • The information, goods, or services that third parties may provide to you are not endorsed or guaranteed by us.
  • After you click a link to a third party, Our Privacy Policy is no longer in force. You are responsible for keeping yourself informed of any Privacy Policies that may or might not be included on any website to which you connect.
  • We disclaim all liability for any harm that could arise from your visiting a third party via our site.

Your Power over Your Personal Data

All of the personal information that we have gathered and saved will be available on your account page. By logging into that account, you may view this information and change or add to it.

Keeping and Protecting Your Personal Information

To gather and preserve your information, we use extensive security and encryption precautions. If you continue to use our services, we will keep your information on file. Unless you request otherwise, you may use our services.

Age Restrictions

Only adults above the age of 18 are eligible for our services. Because we do not gather or keep any personal information about children under this age, we do not permit them to use our website. Before enabling a user to continue using our services, we may seek proof of age if we have reason to believe they are under the age of 18.
Please get in touch with us to request that your personal data be removed from our database if you disagree with any modifications.


Details about how to reach us


You may reach us in several ways, including via our website, phone, live chat, or email. For your convenience, our support team is accessible around-the-clock.  We are accountable for receiving and swiftly addressing any questions or issues you may have.

Liability Limitation


Accepting the foregoing Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, the Customer voluntarily releases the Company and its shareholders, employees, officers, representatives, agents, affiliates, directors, advertising and fulfilment companies, subsidiaries, promotions, any third-party providers or sources of information or data, and legal advisors (the “Company’s Affiliates”) from any and all liability for any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising from any cause whatsoever.

Failures or difficulties of any kind arising in connection with, or as a result of, using the services, including but not limited to:

  • Computer transmissions that are delayed, partial, distorted, or fail;

Electronic, Internet, network, computer, telephone, hardware, software, email, or other problems or issues of any type;

  • Any and all losses or damages of any kind that may be sustained while using the services.
  • Any situation brought on by anything out of the Company’s control that could corrupt, delay, or interrupt the Product;
  • Any typographical or printing errors in any materials related to the service.

Services for Dissertations

For the business to properly complete the purchase, the Client must provide a clear finish date for his or her dissertation assignment. The ‘End Date’ cannot be later than 8 months after the order is placed.

If chapters of the dissertation project must be submitted, there should be deadlines specified for each chapter.

If the dissertation project must be submitted in chapters, they are sent one at a time once the Client has approved the prior Chapter. Without approval of his or her work, the writer cannot continue to work on the order.


Customers are highly urged to check on these pages often since they acknowledge and understand that the Company may amend the Terms and Conditions in the Agreement.