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Several apps and programs claim to perform a detailed grammar, spelling, and structure check of your written paper. But these apps cannot match the expertise and skill of our professional proofreaders UK.

Proofreading is highly important in all fields of life, especially academics. One should always carefully proofread essays, documents, coursework, theses and dissertation before submitting them for evaluation. Any errors in these documents can cost you months of hard work and time.

Our Quality Proofreading Services UK

Proofreading academic documents is more technical as compared to proofreading other, simpler documents. It is because of the involvement of jargon or highly-specialized vocabulary specific to every field and area. Therefore, your proofreader must belong to the same field as you.

Luckily, our team of professional proofreaders UK involves academicians with highly-advanced degrees in various fields. We can guarantee that we have the right proofreader for your field of study, helping you pass your course with flying colours.

Our professional proofreaders UK are familiar with the grading criteria for essays, coursework, theses, and dissertations. They know what a professor or tutor looks at while reading a student’s written work. Therefore, they carefully analyze your work, removing and editing out all the mistakes and errors that can negatively affect your grade in any way.

Our highest quality proofreading services UK include:

  • spelling, grammar, and punctuation check and correction,
  • detailed suggestions for improving the flow and structure of your essay,
  • a grade for your essay based on its current features,
  • valuable tips for writing and improving your grade,
  • cross-checking reference list and bibliography,
  • plagiarism-check of your essay
  • complete critique of your essay, helping you make it logical and coherent.

Our proofreading services UK help you get a better grade as well as develop a better writing style for your future essays.

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