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Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Tracking Technology: Our Comprehensive Policy

This article was written to enlighten our clients and site users who are curious about how we utilize cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies and techniques. Our website, applications, and other linked platforms may use these technologies. All of the aforementioned guidelines and statements are applicable to our usage of these technologies as well as our suppliers, business partners, and contractors using them on our behalf.

Continue reading this article if you’re curious in the many applications for the technology listed above. On the use of these technologies, we have gone into considerable length.

In order to give all readers the knowledge they need to understand how their information is being used, we are making this paper available. Please take a moment to review our terms of service page and privacy policy. If you have any additional questions, support is as always offered around-the-clock.


Cookies: A Guide to the Varieties and Uses of Cookies

Most websites install little files on your device when you view them. Cookies are the name of these files. This also applies to Tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, and other connected devices are affected by cookies. The cookies that we and others set up are often used to gather data about how you use our website and other technologies. Cookies let us keep track of returning visitors and maintain a user-friendly website. For additional details, continue reading.

  1. Session cookies: A session cookie only applies to the current session of surfing. Just after that session ends, it is destroyed.
  2. Third Party Cookies: Third party cookies are not under our control or supervision. Other entities download them.
  3. Persistent Cookies: A persistent cookie is any cookie that is loaded on your computer after you leave a website. Most cookies we set are permanent cookies since they preserve a positive client experience over numerous visits.
  4. First Party Cookies: Our web pages are set up to create first party cookies when you view them. These cookies are used to keep track of and remember things like your preferences, name, and history. You may prevent having to submit duplicate data by enabling these cookies. To make it simpler for you to use our website, we employ certain cookies.
  5. Web Beacon: On display panels, these indiscernible graphic files are kept. They are present in emails and web pages. They are used to compile data on user behaviour on pages.
  6. Other Similar Technologies: Your device or the app you are using may manage Flash cookies, HTML5 cookies, local storage objects, and other technologies that may not be specifically mentioned below. We neither control these technologies nor do we make use of them for tracking or targeting.
  7. First- and Third-Party Cookies: We may use advertising cookies to provide information, such as adverts and contents that are of interest to you. Also, we use these cookies to evaluate and enhance our advertising.

We retain the right to work with third-party service providers who might, among other things, undertake any of the following or something similar.

  • Supply us with website or other material.
  • Sell or provide us tools to use on our website, applications, or wherever else we are offering services.
  • Helping or supplying any additional functionality

Our approved agents are these third parties. As a result, they could use cookies, beacons, and other technologies in a similar manner to how we do. Also, these cookies may gather data about the gadget you use, your IP address, and other details. When you agree to the use of additional cookies, your permission to the use of these third-party cookies is assumed.

For information on preventing and deleting cookies, please click on one of the websites below. The most widely used browsers are the ones we have chosen to connect to.

Browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

You are more than welcome to remove and block cookies, but you should be informed of the consequences before doing so. Many of the websites you access will not function properly if you change the settings on your browser to remove and disable cookies. One of them is Be advised that emptying your cache and removing your cookies will not prevent cookies from being placed. When you return to that website, they will just be reloaded.

You Have Given Explicit Permission to Use Cookies and Similar Technologies.

For our website to work and for us to be able to give you content that is pertinent to you, we must be able to use cookies.

You give us your express consent to use web beacons, cookies, and other technology when you use our website, messenger services, app, or connect with us electronically in any other manner. You must go to your browser’s settings in order to delete cookies and block them moving forward if you want to cancel this consent.

Websites that employ cookies may occasionally request that you enter personal information. This is typically how people can reach you. You could occasionally be questioned about your preferences in more detail. When you’re done, a cookie file is downloaded to your computer and contains the data you just entered. The cookie gets uploaded if you visit the same website once more. Websites remember you in this way. Each time a new page is entered, the cookie is opened and uploaded.

Please read this additional information on how we use technology such as cookies and beacons.

There are many uses for the files and other technologies mentioned here. They mostly assist us in making sure that our website and online services function as intended. They could also assist us in adding new features.

We see certain cookies and beacons as being necessary. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to access your personal accounts, see the orders you’ve made, or navigate our website effectively. This feature will no longer operate if these cookies are banned. The cookies that manage this feature don’t collect or store any personal data about you. To use our website, you must agree to these. Pages may not load or function properly if you disable some necessary cookies. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that any security measures we have in place will be effective.

We could decide to utilize performance cookies as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance both your experience and our website. These cookies keep track of information about how you use our website. They also compile data about errors. These cookies provide us with the information we need to enhance each of our web sites’ operation. Also, we can improve the customer experience since this offers us a better knowledge of the varied user navigation patterns. Performance cookies simply gather non-identifying data. You must consent to these cookies. Our website pages may not function correctly if you don’t. Security problems and serious blunders are examples of this deterioration.