Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed Refund

The consumer has the option to request a refund under the Money Back Promise under the circumstances described below.

When a request cannot fit into one of the available categories, the customer may contact the support team to clarify the situation, and the application will then be completed.

Order Cancellation Period

When a client decides to cancel the Order, the following principles should be considered:

  1. If no Writer has been assigned before Order cancellation, 100% of the purchase price is returned to the customer.
  2. To account for the Company’s and the Writers’ efforts, if the Customer decides to cancel the Order after a Writer has been assigned, the sum reimbursed cannot exceed 70%.
  3. The customer is entitled to a 50% refund if they decide to cancel the Order after a Writer has been assigned and half the deadline has gone.

NOTICE: In the event of an order cancellation, all copyrights revert to the company, and the customer is not permitted to utilise any of the products or drafts produced prior to the cancellation.

If Delivery Is Delayed

A difference in delivery time If a product is delivered after the original deadline but before the actual deadline, the customer is entitled to compensation, which is computed individually for each situation.

Long-term Orders (14 days or more) are paid at a rate of 7%.

The following circumstances exclude payment of delay compensation to the customer:

  1. The delay was brought on by the Customer’s behavior. This comprises a delay in payment as well as a delay in the delivery of sources or data needed to execute an order.
  2. The Customer’s internet service provider’s, Browser, or other system problems were to blame for the delay.
  3. The client willingly offered more time to execute the Order without receiving any payment, which is known as an extension of the deadline.

Quality complaints claimed

  1. Whenever a customer complains about a product and asks a refund, the Quality Assurance Team will oversee the inquiry. The Client must provide specific feedback identifying the inconsistency with the Order requirements. The findings of the inquiry will provide the rationale for resolving the Customer’s claim.

IMPORTANT: If a claim for poor quality is made and the order was previously submitted for revision, compensation will not exceed 70%. Revision is the activity or process of examining, revising, and changing a work, which is why this is the case. After a request for a revision is sent, the customer is said to have partly confirmed the document.

  1. When the compensation claim receives a failing grade, the case will be deemed illegitimate. The company produced a paper, but it is only meant to be used as a reference, thus it is not ready for submission.
  2. If the work is deemed to be plagiarized, a “” report is necessary. No other report will be accepted by the Quality Assurance Team for the investigation.
  3. If a contextual bad quality claim is made while reimbursement is requested for editing, proofreading, or formatting Order, the investigation won’t be done. The input provided by editing, proofreading, and formatting services is not assumed to be in the original context.

Information and Preferences for Customer Orders

By entering the Writer’s ID number in the “Preferred Writer ID” area on the Order form, the Customer may choose which Writer will work on the Order. The Client accepts that there is no 100% assurance that the Writer will be available to work on the Order by doing this. If such a situation arises, the Company maintains the right to appoint the best expert in the Order’s Subject Area who matches the Preferred Writer’s performance level. The Preferred Writer feature fee may only be financed back to the Customer’s Credit Balance and is not refundable.

No payment will be made for a discount that wasn’t used. The correctness of all Order Information, including the “Discount” section, is the exclusive responsibility of the Customer. The Customer may start a conversation with the Support Team to inquire about the discount’s availability.


Within two months of the Order’s completion, the Customer must get in touch with the Support Team to make a reimbursement request.


After the minimum five days of consideration of the request, the Billing Department will get in touch with the Customer with a resolution through phone or email.